Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding decorations should complement the occasion. Here’s a rundown on a few wedding decoration ideas that are classy yet budget-friendly-

1. The decoration must reflect the wedding theme:

If you are planning a beach wedding then use sea shells or coral reefs as table decorative. Sky blue table cloths can also add a dash of sea element to the wedding. Bridal dress and jewels in shades of blue match the theme well.

For desert themed weddings white should be your prime color. Choose the flowers accordingly. Discuss with the florist well in advance so that fresh flowers get delivered at your venue on time. Consult with the florist regarding the idea and theme of your wedding . You can also consult with your marriage celebrant as to what kind of decoration would complement the wedding venue.

2. Candle is one of the best decorating items:

If it’s an evening wedding, you can decorate it with artistic candles. They are cheaper than flowers and add a soft look to your lovely occasion.

3. Handmade cards

Artistic cards, to help the guests easily identify their places, are also a great idea. It will also make them feel special.

4. A bright and sparkling impact:

Besides candles, hang white Christmas lights. Also light up your occasion with torches and lanterns.

5. Canopies give great effect:

You can use tulle to create a canopy effect. Hang the canopies from the center and drape them to the corners of the stage. Also use tulle to make bows and put them on the seats of the guests.

6. Decorate your aisle:

Use floral, fabric and glitters. Instead of glitters, sequined aisle runners can also be used.

7. Seating Arrangements:

A set of mismatched chairs or benches can cast a special impact to the decor. Want to use custom chairs but cannot afford it? A simple ribbon or a lace is enough to give your seating arrangement a chic look.

8.Put the programme list inside a basket:

Placing the programme list on the seat isn’t a very cool idea. Instead keep it in a handmade basket in front of the seat so that guests can pick it from there while sitting.

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