5 Unique Ideas for Funerals

When it comes to celebrating a life that was, it’s always best to make it as unique as possible. From what we have observed over the years, moments of recounting the memories in the most personal way adds that special touch to a funeral ceremony. So, here we are sharing with you 5 unique ideas for a funeral service:

1. Organize a show in the memory of the deceased

This is a great way to re-live the memories of your loved one. You can either put on videos featuring the person or also arrange for a slide-show of photographs of him/her taken at different stages of his/her life. You must also mention the time and place of those individual photos or for the attendees of the event to get a picture of the person’s life, certain aspects of which they may or may not know.

2. Arrange for an open mic ceremony

An open mic ceremony will let the friends and the family members of the deceased to share their memories of the person concerned. These occasions also allow the attendees to come face-to-face with many interesting sides of the person which they may or may not be aware of. Many a times, talking helps to lift the load of grief from the hearts of those grieving. Such arrangements might also help the grieving members to express their memories and lighten the burden.

3. Carry out an act of charity

It is a very noble idea to ask attendees to donate in the memory of the deceased soul. The accumulated fund can, thereafter, be donated to a charitable organization.

4. Show a gesture of “letting go

Death of a loved one is an extremely depressing and painful experience that leaves a lasting impact on the minds of those left to grieve the deceased. At such times, letting go of the pent-up emotions can be therapeutic for your mind and soul. Acts like releasing a dove or butterflies can be a gesture of liberating your mind of the grief and opening up to a sense of hope that your loved one has had a beautiful life and is one his/her way to enjoy eternal rest.

5. Plant a tree

Planting a tree in the memory of your loved ones is almost like keeping his/her memories alive through another living object. To see the tree grow and bear fruits and flowers can be a healing touch to your aching heart. Since we come from nature and we go back to it, this act is also a way of symbolizing that bond.

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