3 Best Ideas For Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony

Years have gone by and probably a decade too that you had uttered the words “I do”. Some might think it’s a fashionable thing to do especially when famous celebrity couples like Beyonce and Jay Z, the Beckhams or Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are walking down the aisle for the second time but you can’t really deny the charm of this ceremony.

While it’s a great way to ignite the love and passion in your marriage, it’s also a very special way to thank each other and all those who have helped you in traveling together so far!

So, how do you plan a wedding vow renewal ceremony that creates memories and makes a heart-warming statement? Here are 3 ideas that’s sure to make your event special. Read on.

Idea#1 Keep the event short and simple

In order to make it sweet, you’ve got to keep it simple. Remember that it’s not your wedding but a renewal ceremony so avoid going over-the-top with the celebrations. Instead of loading the event with unnecessary detailing, focus on the emotional aspect of it.

Sort out a few milestones that you’ve had in your relationship and share it with your guests. A funny anecdote or a difficult phase that you both have sailed past can make your event every bit a special occasion that you want it to be.

Idea# 2 Choose an interesting setting for your renewal ceremony

This can be worked out as a great idea to make your renewal ceremony special. You can go back in time and choose the same venue where you tied the knot. This will be a great way to relive the past. However, if you’ve had a destination wedding or you married at an expensive venue, it’s suggested that you do away with the idea. Instead you can choose the place where you first met or proposed as a suitable venue for the event.

You can also let your imagination run wild and choose settings like a beach, a park, a garden or even a hot-air balloon!

Idea#3 Make it a special family affair

It is always a great idea to include your children and grandchildren to your wedding renewal ceremony. It’s a source of delight for them to watch a recap of an event so special that had taken place years before they were born.

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