Ceremony Locations For A Perfect Ceremony

Finding the perfect location for your ceremony can be a difficult decision with so many beautiful locations around Port Macquarie. 

Your marriage ceremony can be conducted any day, anywhere and anytime. This gives you enormous choices to achieve the perfect ceremony at the ideal venue you have always dreamed of wether it it be parklands, beaches, mountains or in your own home the possibilities are endless.

I have performed wedding ceremonies with a intimate gathering of only 4 people to over 100 people in some of the most unusual places. 

As we customise your ceremony we can also encorporating a ritual into your wedding such as a Sand Ceremony. A Sand Ceremony combines new families together to add strength to your marriage and the blessing of all the extended family.

I Look forward to meeting you and offering my professional assistance as you commence your journey together from this day forward.

Sydney Marriage Celebrant - Jenny McKenzie 

Sydney Marriage Celebrant - Jenny McKenzie 

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