We often forget about our Grooms in marriage arrangements and maybe they don’t really know where they fit into the Big Day.

The modern Groom today want’s to be at least semi-involved with planning of the big day too. While you may not concern yourself with the flower arrangements, there are tasks before the wedding, during the big day itself, and afterwards that you are able, and expected, to take on. Let’s explore them in full with this guide.

Planning Phase

-Take Initiative To Make your Bride’s Life Easier

Your Fianceé, from the moment you put a ring on her finger, will likely be stressed out by the wedding planning, your job is to ease the best you can. Such as check the list of things to do and take on those you can deal with. Be involved and take the initiative to make sure you are both enjoying your engagement, and something to reflect on with love and joy.

-Speak Up About What Matters To You

There are a few things generally given to Grooms to handle. The Bride also have things to take care of, but there will always be something that can be worked on together. It is half your party and half your marriage and you deserve to be heard when it is something that matter’s to you.

-What Isn’t Important, But Have Input If Requested

For the average Groom, there are many parts of Wedding Planning the he doesn’t have an opinion on. But always make sure when your advice is asked for that you have input as your Bride values your support and will give her confidence in making these decisions that will effect your day.

Logistics That Should Be Decided Jointly

• Date of Wedding

• Location

• Budget

• Ceremony Details, Music, Readings,Vow’s

• Wedding Registry

• Accommodations for out of Towners

-What You’ll Typically Have Responsibility For

Always discuss with the Bride as you will probably be the one actually Booking, Co-ordinating and executing things

Choosing The Groomsmen and Ushers

• How many attendants in your wedding party, you’ll pick the fellas

who will stand by your side as you say your vows. Friends, Siblings,Cousins are all in the mix. Your bestman is important, you want someone fun but also take on the responsibility maybe the Brides Brother if she has one.

• Ushers are also your choice as above consider the options of family members or friends makes everyone feel included in your celebrations.

• What you will wear will also be a combined effort as the bride has the idea of the style she wants to follow.

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